Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You charmed me

In my previous post, I did mention about Holga Multicolour. You guys might not know what it is. It's my pleasure to tell you so! *squeals* It is actually a lomography camera and and I love it! Yesterday I had nothing to do so I was browsing through DevianArt and found some really pretty pictures and I saw the user's profile, she's using a Lomo cam! And that's when lomo cam captured my heart. *sigh* The End. Hehehe. Well, I know about lomo cam before from my friends but I wasn't that keen to know. Love at second sight then? I really wanna have one.. for my birthday maybe? Pretty please daddy? *not begging here, demanding hoho* But if I could save up some pocket money, I will sure by on my own. So, Holga Multicolour is officially at the top of my wishlist! Oh and maybe Diana F+ too, the pink one! Teehee. Of course I want other lomo cameras too and I'm thinking, a LOMO COLLECTION *gasp* Ever since I have a fetish about photography, I've always wanted to own a DSLR but for a student like me, cannot afford because I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. So I should really work for stuffs I love, on my own. Surely the feeling of satisfaction will be higher. Am I right? The cons of lomo cams are they aren't digital so it may be quite troublesome because it needs films and also, we couldn't preview the picture we took.

These are some of the lomo cams that I loike;

Seagull TLR Limited Red/Gold

Rollei B&W Single Use


Fisheye Camera

Action Sampler

Diana F+

Holga Multicolour! :D

Okay okay, enough about lomo before I'm turning into a lomo freak. Which I think I am already. Today was fine but the weather was the opposite. Hot and cold. Hmph. Having a lot of 'me' time today but it was cool and relaxing. I watched AF concert in the afternoon hahahahahaha. And yes, I got me contact lens! Thanks to Mummy. It's crystal grey, I haven't tried it on maybe tomorrow. Not in the mood or not feeling too pretty *Nad would have said that* to take pictures. Hehe. So I got nothing much to do tonight, planning to finish Gossip Girl till episode 17 and download 8 more to season finale. Woot woot ~ You know you love me. *wink*

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mim said...

try lomolitos :)
moderate for beginners

Roza said...

i loveee loveee lovee the cameras

hey hilda got your blog from cathy's hope you don't mind ;)

how much do these lovely cameras cost anyway? are all of them available in malaysia?? :D

Hilda Milda said...

nahh, i wont mind. at least i have more readers now :D diff cameras have diff price list. maybe i'll add u up in msn and tell you more bout them ok? :D yess, available in msia.

Roza said...

haha brilliant :D
my addie is