Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just like old times

I had so much fun today. Cathy and I had sleepover at my place. From DIY mani/pedi to pillow talks and hitting the snooze button at 2am. We overslept and had breakfast around10am. Had a day out with her mum and bro as well awww, my 3rd lover! :D I would love to talk more about today but I'm too tired and sleepy. Suprisingly, I'm going to bed early tonight, way early. It's only 10pm! Cathy was telling me that the baby octopus at Shabukun was nice so I wanna try. When we get there, we found out that it was closed. Pfft. Instead we went to riverfront for lunch. Lol.

Thanks for keeping me accompanied Cathy. :D Love love love you!

P.S: I miss Nad. She can't online nowadays and she's running out of credit.
P.P.S: Good luck Fynna for your supplementary Exam. All the best.
P.P.P.S: Sory Oish. I can't make it tomorrow. Guess that we're not gonna meet each other before you leave. Boohoo. T.T

Enough for now. Kissy kiss. :x

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CathCathCathyyy said...

heyy, i want the photos but without your url. bring them in a usb tomorrow night. i'll see if i can bring my laptop so we can transfer the photo! ok?