Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hold your breath;

and wait for the unexpected. Currently listening to Mirror Error by The Faint and sort of feeling numb. *Sigh*

Yesterday was like living hell cause something happened last Friday night. Lots of emotion going on and I feel helpless. I tend to get mad at everyone whom I speak to and was being such a fuss. Sorry guys. T_________T I had a 'me' time the whole day and I barely talked to anyone. I was really not in the mood. Yet lunch with Mum and Megan, bought Seventeen Magazine *David Archuleta is on the cover! Squeals*, supper with Cathy and Yao did make me feel better. Luckily today was not that bad, though it started a lil shitty. Went to the church in the morning, slept in the afternoon and chores in the evening. Screw me internet. It's been effed up and uber slow the whole night. Haiya.

Last but not least,

Happy 18th birthday Esther


Goodbye my lover, Yao and all the best in maktab! :D

Last night at Tom's place

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