Monday, July 13, 2009

What a wonderful world

Listening to With Me by Sum41 :) I am nothing w/o you. Tralalala~

Happy 18th birthday my first lover, Cathy! :D

I wished her 30 minutes late on msn cause I wasn't aware of the time. Oops. So, you're 18 years old now, legal to watch porn. Hahahaha. Just wanna wish you all the best in years to come and happy always with your family and dearest boyfriend. I love you infinity and nothing could tear us apart. 11 years of friendship, I hope it'll last forever. I don't wanna lose you. :p

I woke up this morning with empty stomache and I thought of asking Cathy to take me for breakfast so I texted her. She didn't want to at first but then I told her that I'm gonna starve to death. She showed her Mum the text and she asked me to get ready minutes later. Thanks Aunty! :D I was happy to see my 3rd lover; Cathy's bro, Colin, wearing the same colour shirt like mine. Hahahaha.

He is 2 years younger than me but he is 20cm higher than me! Sheesh.

Our plan to make cupcakes had to be canceled cause Cathy's Mum was too busy to drive us to buy the ingredients and we didn't have much time either. Sobs. Was kinda disappointed ): So, Cathy decided to just buy a cheese cake from the bakery and that's it. Simple and fast. We celebrated at my place, we didn't buy candles but I found 2 used ones in the kitchen and reuse it. Who cares anyway. Hahaha. I sang her 3 version of birthday song which was terribly out of tune and she recorded it. Haiya. After that, we spent the whole afternoon watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall and she went home at 5 something.


Her favourite :)

I hope she enjoyed her day. Prolly gonna have lunch with her on Wednesday and hang out at her place for DIY mani/pedi and watching the last episode of seaosn 2 GG together. Woot woot :D

Another unrelated case; earlier tonight, I was out with my Dad and Megan. Before heading home, Megan said she wants burger so we 'tapau' one for her. While waiting, I absent-mindedly scrateched my boobs (cleavage). 0_o Then I realised the burger man was looking at me and he smiled. I smiled back, embarassed. wtf. hahahaha. paloi eh.

4 days to go and I'm almost done packing and cleaning up my room. Sigh.

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CathCathCathyyy said...

hahaha. wow, half of the post is about me! WEEEEEEE! i'm happy~~
thanks love. you know how much i love u, more than i love paul. shhh. he shall never know! hahaha~

Hilda Milda said...

ngee. specially for you okay? it's ur birthday ba :D well, glad that u're happy. hehe. you must love me more than you love him or else i'll kill you! hahahaha.