Friday, July 10, 2009

Raging storm with roaring thunder

Listening to All the Same by Sick Puppies. I'm not in the mood. -____________-

I was out all day today. I'm really exhausted because I barely had enough sleep lately. I spent the day with Cathy, Yao and their boyfriends. Obviously I'm like a lightbulb which tagged along with them the whole day, a bright one. So, I entertained myself with Cathy's novel, The Host and some relaxing music. Ahh, happy pills. I had dinner with some of my ex-classmates; Esther, Vivian and Ambrose at Sunflower. I was feeling bloated the whole day because I stuffed a lot of food continously and it seems that the effort to keep my tummy flat is pretty much a waste of time. And oh, Cathy bought me a new wallet. Thanks dear, love it. I bought myself some stuffs too but still couldn't get the Seventeen magazine. Pfft.

My fav pic of the day :)

This tasted like shit. I didn't finish it.

Esther bought for me in Aussie. Thanks.

It should be a girls' outing, but I was left out. Forget about it. No one to be blamed. Mix ups happens. I understand. I had fun, though just not as much like we used to. I mean, when there was only the three of us. And even worse, the birthday celebration we planned early for Cathy was screwed up. I wish I could be there. I wanted to! I'm jealous. It isn't fair! T_______T
Tomorrow will be the last day for the three us to spend time together. Yao's leaving on Sunday and I'm next. So, maybe another vavavoom? I can't be disappointed anymore, seriously. Simply because I love you guys to bits. Glad that you guys enjoyed yourself today. :)

P/s: Congrats to Adib, he passed his first semester and he was like gembira siot! Lol. && happy holiday to Nad, she'll be going back to Kuching for 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy yourself with your tuuuuuuut. hahahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaha hilda da somet hahahaha

Hilda Milda said...

hohoh. merry christmas.

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authentic juicy couture?