Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a harsh world out there

TGIF tomorrow but I am just unhappy cause a retard pissed me off and now I'm tempted to scream out everything right here. I'm fuming inside and I had to pretend as if everything's fine cause I prefer to shut up and try not to blow. For Christ's sake, I'm pretty much fed up and you know what? You're fucking annoying!

Today was just another day. I had an open book Bio test, the Chemistry test was postponed and yea I went swimming again. I didn't get much sleep last night so I'm a bit worn out by now and I know it's unbelievable that I'm sleeping before 12 tonight since I don't have class tomorrow.

Anyway, this weekend looks like it's going to be boring and dull alright due to my work which is starting to pile up and nobody is free to bring me out. I wanna watch movies; Sorority Row, Jennifer's body, The Ugly Truth and 500 days of summer(!), go window shopping or just go grab some icecream. At least just bring me out to get some fresh air or do anything exciting. Damn, this is sad. Sigh. Whatever it will be, I still have to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. That's a deal between me and my brain.

P/s: I got 17 out of 19 for my previous Chemistry test and 93% for my previous Bio test (Y)


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