Saturday, October 10, 2009

Open that stoic heart of yours

Everytime I'm with you,
I take a deep breath and look into your eyes.
I don't want this moment to ever end.
I just want to be yours forever.
But then you left me alone with questions unanswered.

I miss the way you hold my hand.
I miss the way you kiss me on the forehead.
I miss the way you run your fingers through my hair.
I miss the way you smell my hair and then smile.
I miss the way you laugh at my stupid jokes.
I miss having piggyride on your back.

I never set my hopes too high to find the one that I've always wanted
Because I believe every hello ends with a goodbye
Maybe one day I'll find you who will change my mind
and convinced me again that true love does exist
all i have is to wait;
we never stop waiting for something.

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