Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pull my string just for a thrill

I'm listening to Guardian Angel by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (:

I'm almost done with this bloody 30 pages Biology report. I only have a conclusion left to do and 5 more diagrams to draw for the observation. I have to say this and yea I hate to draw because I suck in drawing. I just can't draw. Enough said.

Well, today was fine like any other freaking Tuesday as usual. I had my biology exam and thank God I manage to answer all of it w/o leaving any questions unanswered. I was beyond lucky that the sub-topics that I was lazy to study was not in the exam :D

I think I won't screw my Biology paper but then I got a feeling that Maths and Physics are going to be real tough. Shit.

Anyway, I feel like eating Laksa Sarawak and this ulcer is treating me like hell ugh!

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