Monday, January 25, 2010

And I don't want to cry my whole life through,

It's still in my wishlist that I can have a ride in this huge ass thing one day.

Good thing that I'm not having any Monday blues today. Btw, I'm sorry for being emo yesterday, my bad though. I just feel grateful that I'm stil breathing today wtf Yeah, a fucking brand new day which is also a brand new beginning or a brand new start to kick some ass out there yaw.

Maths lecture was okay this morning and I hope the class this afternoon will be canceled. I wanna go shopping so badly like seriously(!) and please please please grant my wish, Lord? Mmkay, enough of all this craps.

Well, 5 songs which are playing non stop in my playlist today:
  1. Down (acoustic version) by Jay Sean
  2. United State of Pop 2009 by Dj Earworm
  3. I swear this time I mean it by Mayday Parade
  4. You could be happy by Snow Patrol
  5. You & Me by Lifehouse
I'm having my break now, waiting for my Bio class at 11pm and also Elin to download episode 17 of Autumn's Concerto on youtube(!) DUPDAPDUPDAP

After lunch, things weren't that good. Mr. Chan canceled the class last minute and then we were informed that we'll be having Physics test AGAIN. The whole class was like wtf and definitely everyone was complaining. How are we supposed to study for the whole Sem 1 Physics' chapters within a night? I don't even know where to start, why oh why? Tomorrow is going to be really fucked up AGAIN. Belinda and I wanted to go shopping if the class was canceled but then obviously we have to cancel our plan LE SIGH It was a bad day for Belinda either. Poor her :3

It seems that I have nothing to blog lately besides nagging and complaining. That's what I do the best. Even someone called me Ah Sam LOL Anyway, wish me multipergazillions luck okay and keep your fingers crossed that I don't hang myself in case I can't do my test tomorrow. You better be good, tomorrow. I beg you.

NAH photo of the day (:

Ignore that pimples heh


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