Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop crying your heart out

It’s true when they say -
Old habits are hard to break,
But you’ll always be remaining nothing but
My most tempting mistake.


Hello people! I'm back in my hostel now and yes I'm alone cause Suzen went back to Selayang this week. So I will be watching Man U's match tonight alone at the mamak then sigh

Okay, let's get started shall we?

I had Physics test yesterday and I was fucked up I tell you. Absolutely fucked up. We got punk'd by Mr Chan when there's 2 chapters out in the test and no one in class has the slightest idea that those questions are coming out wtf My jaw dropped the moment I flipped through the pages. I can't even answer the first question for fuck sake. Now I can't even imagine how much will I get and I don't want to either RAWR Practically everyone was upset about the paper, who doesn't?

After that, Belinda, Joe Ann and I headed to Sunway Pyramid to watch Legion for our so called therapy after the test.

I'm giving the movie 9.5 out of 10 cause it's really nice! A mixture of horror and action keeps my adrenaline pumping throughout the movie (Y) and plus the main actor is kinda hot :D

Btw, I bought myself a new bag YAY

Not this one LOL


Style #1 - the side of the bag can be folded in (:

Style #2

RM50.30 after 10% discount *STEAL!*

Bought myself two spaghetti strap tops as well (:

&& I've received this playsuit that I bought online

Belinda and I've been planning to dye our hair so I stayed over at her place last night to get our hair done. I actually wanted something lighter but then I'm afraid it doesn't suit me. I'm asian mah! So I got myself a medium golden brown dye just to cover up my previous orange looking hair. Later that night, we had korean instant noodles for dinner and watched a korean movie called 'Lure of the Wolf' ? or something sounded like that la, I forgot heh It was nice and both of us ended crying :p

Here are some of the photos before getting my hair dyed heh DONT LAUGH!

Trapped in a plastic bag HAHA

This photo is taken before I dyed my hair


The after result is yet to be revealed :D

Stay tuned for more!


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Anonymous said...

hehehehe..pic yg dlm plastik tu look funny..XD