Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There's nothing else to find

Currently listening to You Could be Happy by Snow Patrol (Y)

My laptop keeps on switching off by itself every 5 minutes and apparently I lost my mojo to blog. Fucking pissed off, I tell you grr!

But the good thing about Wednesday was I'm done with my Biology presentation and my Chemistry practical for this week woohoo(!) && I'm happy when I get to meet the boyf although it's just a few minutes cause I didn't except to see him today.

The bad news is I'm having Physics test on Friday and the lecturer has not done any revision with us yet. I've flunked my first test so I can't afford to flunk again this time. Me and physics, we have issues. Oh Gawd, help me please!

Life's good so far I guess. I love it when I'm tired and busy with college stuffs HAHA

Crime: Camwhoring
Venue of crime: Class
Time: Lunch break
Victim: Joe Ann's webbie

Photo of the day (:


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