Friday, July 23, 2010

Craving for Cravings?

Another delayed and hasty post by me *running out of brain juice*

After we had our nails done the other day, (click here if you haven't read it) the four of us decided to go for lunch @ Sunway Giza since it's just nearby. I hate it when it comes to choosing what to eat all the time cause we usually have tons of choices to choose so we'll ask one after another but ended up with the answer either don't know or anything more well known as 隨便 HAHAHA

Is it me or all of us have face this kind of situation? But it does not happen when one of us tend to crave for certain food, so the decision will be made fast, like real fast teehee

Oh and btw, that was the first time I landed my foot @ Sunway Giza and I was pretty amazed cause the place was really spacious and huge with almost differents types of restaurant. You name it, THEY GOT IT.

So let's see what do we have for lunch,

#1. Fullhouse? NAH. Nice to see but ... why don't you complete my sentence?

#2. We had come to our decision; which is THIS!

Instead we decided to settle @ this restaurant called Cravings Kitchen and Bistro which is just at the right side of Fullhouse. We went over to check out what the banner had to offer and this is what we found;

Source: HERE (thanks whoever you are for this pic LOL)

50% off on all main course on Wednesday and Thursday cause it's Ladies' Day Special! ;O I'm not kidding, you have to see it to believe it. There is set lunch as well with four course meal which includes soup, main course, drink and dessert at only RM12.90 ++ Reasonable much?

#3. The Menu with a bit of Bali or Thailand style, don't chu think? *raised eyebrows*

#4. There is this big mirror in front of us! Camwhore mode on!

#5. Another one :3

#6. Nail models of the day; Joeann && Belinda

#7. My mushroom's soup (: Creamy enough and it's tasty!

#8. Our drinks; Belinda's 100 plus, Elin's soya bean and my mango+orange punch which is included in the set meal itself

#9. Table decor

#9. Very eco-friendly interior, they have greens all around!

#10. That is one huge ass vase, I tell you

#11. The very cool lamp and the staircase to the second floor (:

#12. SEE THE REFLECTION? *jakun*

#13. Stairways to HEAVENNNNNNN~ wtf

#14. Belinda, always busy tapping her Iphone as usual

#15. Me, myself and I am not wearing a sport bra fyi HAHAHA wtf

#16. Miss Blur, drowning into her imagination ;p

#17. Another one, busy tapping on her Ipod touch

#18. Different types of seashells as decor ♥

#19. Joeann's BBQ chicken @ RM24.90

#20. Belinda's Grilled Chicken with Hot Chili Salsa @ RM24.90

#21. Elin's Grilled Steak with Hot Chili Salsa @ RM28.90

#22. Current obsession, my sugarbabiesbunnies! There you go, my Vietnamese fried rice and dessert in my tummy alrdy :3

Feel free to try this restaurant cause it is actually well known for its 12 inches monster burger as I can see so far from a few reviews written by some bloggers! Just go google Cravings Kitchen and Bistro and you can find all of them easily (: Overall, I think everything about this restaurant is okay from the ambiance to food quality. Definitely worth a try.

Outlet Name : Cravings Kitchen & Bistro
Lot No. :

Business Hours:
Lot A-10, Jalan PJU 5/14, Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Mon – Fri (10am – 11pm), Sat, Sun & Public Holiday Eve (10am – 3am)
Contact No. : 603-61483629
Fax No. : 603-61483630


#23. Group nails photo before leaving LMAO

When we were on the way walking to the carpark, a lady approached us and greeted us politely. She thought that we were not local -__- Later on, she introduced herself and little did we know that she is actually from UNICEF, and apparently there is a small roadshow going on @ Sunway Giza. In case you don't know what UNICEF is, let Uncle Wiki guide you here. I bet you must have come across this as well in various shopping malls (cause I did) especially after the earthquake incident occurred in Haiti. Shame on you if you are not even aware of the existence of UNICEF rawr don't try to ask me if it's edible HAHA lol

#24 Bits and pieces of the booth/flyers/posters

#25. Signing my name in a token of love and care ;p

#26. Joeann gave a piece of her heart as well (ignore my retard looking face pls)

#27. Just nod your head and say yes -__-

#28. Be a part of it and make a difference to the world. This is how you can help for those who owns credit card $.$

#29. The sky is turning grey when we're on our way home

#30. Newly built tol @ Shah Alam

#31. It's so fluffy but this time I won't die, promise :p



~J'@nn~ said...

haha!! like the picture numbered 27, noddy nod..and im not miss blur :(

ken said...

they should pay you to promote their outlet.. haha.. in fact, they should pay everyone who promo for them =P

TOLANIC said...

Joe Ann looks so tall!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

LOL you got me at sports bra! =P

Jep said...

Wow. I didn't now joeann and you are friends. I like your posts. :)

jfook said...

No, it's not a simple post. Very interesting and nice post.

v!vi@n said...

i super like you nails!!!!! so nice...and i agree with you bout fullhouse..LOL...

nanged and clicked your taylors...^^

JoYce said...

you make me hungry too!!! :P you always go to places with such nice decor. Like them :)

chenlin said...

@picture #9, thought it was a drink at the 1st sight..silly me..

WENDY said...

Complete the sentence:
.... but not nice to eat! HAHA!

I love the food pictures, and the sugarbunnies! WANT! :(

Just did my nails too, I love french mani! :P

27lilian said...

Omg! I didn't know you were petite! HAHA! And your ear sticks out too! Cute :P

Yin Mun~Moon said...

Your nails are nice :-) I love it!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

yeah, you write it so well, that i also feel like going there!

Ronikenz said...

What camera do you use? The pictures are really natural! AND KEN'S RIGHT, YOU SHOULD BE PAID. LOLOL.