Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ban Hong Xiang Dim Sum Restaurant

Harrrrrrro people! After procrastinating over the weekend, time to continue on my Malacca trip posts or else it would be never ending.. So where were we? Oh yeah, Day 2!

Since we were super exhausted after being out the whole day on Day 1 and due to the insufficient sleep on the night before, we woke up slightly late that morning and took our sweet time to prepare ourselves, headed out to Malacca Town around 10-ish.

First itinerary of the day would definitely be breakfast! Kew brought us to try Malacca Dim Sum YUMS The place is still packed with patrons of all age when we arrived. Then one of the worker brought us a tray of hot steaming dimsum to choose once we were seated.

Warning: This is a non-halal post.
Dimsum for three! 

Century egg porridge topped with chopped spring onions and fried shallots (: Preferably one of the best I've ever tastes, the texture of the porridge is perfect to my liking! 

Dimsum wouldn't be complete without Siew Mai (minced pork dumplings)

Fried prawn dumplings, I like this the most. Crispy and filling omnomnomz

Stewed Chicken Feet, I had this all to myself *licks fingers and thumb*

Sweet and sour pork wrapped with tofu skin; juicy and tender. One of my fave too!

Sesame seed balls with lotus paste. FYI,  I hate sesame seed so I didn't try this at all :P

Fried carrot cake. Not bad but it would be better if it's served hot.

Chee cheong fun filled with shrimps and comes with prawn paste. 

Herbal chicken; Tender chicken slice with fragrant smell of the herb but not too overpowering. Surpisingly good!

A pot of Tie Kuan Yin (Iron Buddha Tea LOL) to ease digestion after a heavy breakfast. 

The restaurant is three shoplots huge (imagine how good their business is) to accomodate their big crowd of customers especially during peak hours. 

I noticed that their regular customers are those elderly who come yumcha with their friends. Super vintage restaurant with traditional chinese dining atmosphere. 
I would definitely recommend this place! In case you have no idea what to have for breakfast in Malacca, feel free to try out. I thoroughly enjoyed their dimsum and I would give two thumbs up for their uber friendly and nice service! Why are Malacca people so niceeeeeee, they were excited when we started taking photos of them and stuff. Nice people always made my day (': They offer a huge variety of dimsum and prices are reasonable ranging for RM1.70. Total damage for our breakfast was RM30 including the pot of tea, which is considered cheap compared to having dimsum in KL but I think the uncle actually gave us discount :P

Ban Hong Xiang Tea House (Dimsum Restaurant)
Jalan Gajah Berang
No. D, Jalan Bachang,
75300 Melaka.
Contact number: 06-2814212
Operating Hours: 6am-11am

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Lilian Hii (백합) said...

YUMMEEE!! I love shu mai + fried shrimp dumpling!! OM NOM NOM! They are my favs man :P the sesame balls look like mickey mouse HAHA

Nikel Khor said...

Follow your malacca food trip.. Quite nice d.. get know few of the hidden shop in my dictionary.. Will go there soon..

Diana Diane Teo said...

RM30 which consider to be cheap. I just had dim sum this morning for breakfast with family and now your post makes me craving for more :D

Isaac Tan said...

good stuff there. Malacca really have such good food

Daniel Chiam said...

Mouth watering :|

Tony Teh said...

LOL at the image used on their shop sign haha. KOPI haha

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Anonymous said...

...omg... i hate you... LOOKS SO GOOD! I'm salivating over these pics... especially the porridge and the dim sum below! Yummm

Kahmon said...

You r soooooooooooo bad!! Went for so many food... all about food here adi!! Garghhh, makes me hungry. =[

I want Chee Cheong Fun and the fried carrot cake.

FiSh said...

aww melaka so far =x! next time will visit it when i go there

Small Kucing said...


Shuwen said...

you dont like sesame seeds ? But it looks so good !! :D hahaha Love the chicken feet !

LuPorTi said...

Wow! It looks very delicious leh. That porridge and fried prawn dumplings, make my saliva to come out.

Anne Lee said...

I saw hong kong chee cheong fun..!! I'm crazy over it. nice one.

Kian Fai Koh said...

Hilda, why you didnt bring me go >:)

opps is melaka? LOL no wonder those picture place looks new and old to me XD

alright lets have the most authentic dimsum next time in PJ hehehe :P

J.Y Tan said...

reading this during midnight is not a good idea. TEE-HEE! :p

Bookmarked first :)

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

OMG Sweet and sour pork is my favorite!!! Shall visit there during my next trip to Melaka!

LauraLeia said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh xiu mai, I miss xiu mai! >__< Now i'm feeling hungry. But Melaka is so far, i shall just have to make do with PJ/KL dim sum, haha~