Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Famous Penang Apong Guan @ Jalan Burmah

The Penang Apong, also called apom balik or Chinese apom, is a sweet Nyonya fold-over pancake made from flour and egg and topped with bananas, sweet corn and a sprinkling of sugar. It's slightly different than the Indian's apom which is thinner and chinese pancakes which has crispy crust.

Claimed to be the most well known apong in Penang would be this Apong Guan stall located at Jalan Burmah, just in front of the Union Primary School. I reckon most Penangites would know this (:

We went there twice but to find that the stall isn't opened until one evening, we saw the stall was opened when we passed by the school after work. The green pushcar can be spotted easily with a big sign that has APONG GUAN written on it.

Also awarded as the best street food of 2011 by a local food reality tv series; HoChak. 

Uncle Guan himself is a super friendly person and even most of the 4sq users left quite a number of positive tips. Fyi, he has been selling apong for the past 40 years. He is busy chit-chatting with his customer as you can see :P 
Piping hot apong in the making YUMS

Cuttings of newspaper article that features Uncle Guan, placed in front of his stall. 

Sometimes if you're 'unlucky', you might have to wait for Uncle Guan to finish making hundred of pieces ordered by others. 

For only 40 cents/piece! 

Apong filled with bits of shredded coconut and sliced bananas. 
Best eaten when it's still hot.
I find this fluffy apong not too sweet, just nice to my liking. 

When I asked Uncle Guan about his operating hours, he replied me saying that it's not fixed since he doesn't sell apong for a living anymore. It's more of filling up his leisure time. I would suggest you to check out his place during weekdays afternoon or evening.

So if you feel like having light snack while food hunting in Penang, feel free to try out Uncle Guan's apong :D



XCB said...

omg got banana sumore! my favourite! looks like half pancake half apong haha

HerYuan Lau said...

OMG! so nice arr! i will try spot it next time~

domokun said...

Waa I always prefer ban chang kueh instead of apong but i sure gona try this if i pass by this! Tempting :D

dReaMcHaS​eZ said... favourite eat spot whenever i'm in penang. the uncle is super friendly. used to tell jokes sum more if waiting time is long. Yummy!

foongpc said...

Yummy! I want!! But no fixed opening time? That's a bit hard. Hope I'm lucky enough next time I visit Penang! : )