Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bukit Panorama @ Sungai Lembing Kuantan

Back to one of the weekends while I was in Kuantan, the girls and I made a trip to Sungai Lembing with Encik Zuhri to go hiking and catch the sunrise at Bukit Panorama. Too bad the KKM students are on a week break, so it was just a small group trip with the five of us. 

We left Kuantan around 5-ish and the journey to Sungai Lembing take roughly an hour. We started hiking up at 6.15am and it was still pitch dark. With the help of our phone's torchlight, we slowly made our way up. The hike normally takes around half an hour cause the trail was rather easy, I would say since it's mostly made up of concrete steps with handrail provided. Ours took almost an hour because of our frequent stops, it was steep at the beginning of the hike. I was already panting with my heart feeling like it was about to explode anytime when I was not even halfway through yet. My stamina sucks big time and plus I've been putting off my workout sessions for quite some time T__T Even my last hike was few years ago at Broga Hill. 

The moment we reached the top, we were just in time to catch the sunrise YAYYY *cues On Top of The World by Imagine Dragons* The view just took my breath away even though it was quite cloudy that day, definitely worth the climb! To my surprise, there are quite a number of groups who are already up there waiting for the sunrise, families with small kids and old people as well. I felt so ashamed at that very moment (*/ω\*) 

By the time we were down, it was already 9am. Good thing that the weather was cooling that day! The hike back down was of course easier and enjoyable with the beautiful view of  fluffy clouds and lush green hills. It felt real good to go on a hike once in a while and sweat buckets (: though we had only few hours of sleep the night before, we even had the energy to go for a beach trip later that day which I'll be blogging in a separate post. Be sure to stay tuned!

P/S: Don't forget to drop by Sungai Lembing morning market for the famous Yong Tau Foo which we didn't manage to try sobs and if you have more time to spare in Sungai Lembing, you can also visit the Sungai Lembing  Museum and spend the next day going on a tour to the Rainbow Waterfall! More info here

Till then, enjoy the remaining days of the week!



~Joeanney~ said...

Definitely a great Hike! Lov our selfie pic, hehe :P

Ai Yean said...

the awesome people! :D <3

Small Kucing said...

saw many praise this place. makes me wanna go too :)

Lim Eunice said...

Was in sungai lemming but not this bukit panorama..;P

HerYuan Lau said...

the 云海very niceeee!
when i went kuantan when i was small, dad always luan want go bukit panorama, but we rejected him! haha. next time i should go snap photo! :D